Kimberly Intuitive

What is a Spiritual Intuitive?

An Intuitive speaks to things that effect your life and impact your journey.  Intuitives bring healing by not only focusing on insight and wisdom but the condition of your heart and your current way of thinking so as to bring positive change.

When an intuitive is talking to you, they are also listening to what your heart is REALLY saying. Many of us become out of touch with our heart due to injury, abuse and life circumstances. Stress and just our busy lives can disconnect us from being able to listen to our heart.

An intuitive that has their skills sharpened can also see lifelines that lead into your future. They can use this to assist you with guidance and direction. Intuitives discern wounds within the heart and identify spiritual issues, offering gentle and corrective words that are a type of "spiritual surgery". An Intuitive will interject a word or insight as they speak with you that will bring healing, direction and understanding which in turn causes positive change.

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What a Session with Kimberly looks like..


I will get to know you and then talk about the issues on your heart. During our time together, I may interject here and there with questions or things I am discerning. I will be looking at:

1. Heart issues-these are blockages that have been caused by past issues or current conflicts. By identifying them and helping you to see them, we can help release you from their possible hindrance of your future goals.

2. Thought patterns-these are ways of thinking that we have adopted that cause us to make decisions. Some of these can be directly contradicting our true self. By recognizing your unproductive or unhealthy thoughts, you can be empower yourself to follow your true path. 

3. Direction-this is where you are heading and if this is causing conflicts within your heart/soul it is important to identify these issues and then work through them together to bring clarity and balance of purpose. This is where life begins to shift and move. When we are "stuck" it is often because there is a conflict within us in these areas.

A spiritual reading is different for every person. It is individual and unique to you. The ultimate climate is created when someone is seeking answers and open to allowing those answers to surface.

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